It is a kind of glue developed especially for aerated concrete building elements. Aerated concrete glue allows the blocks to adhere to each other, and since this thickness is approximately 3mm, it contributes to the insulation by minimizing the thermal bridge. It is ready by adding a certain amount of glue powder dispatched in 25kg bags (approximately 1 part of water to 3 parts of powder) and mixing it by the mixer drill. The glue should be made as needed. It should be mixed frequently and used by adding water to the drying glue. The prepared glue should be consumed within 4 hours. 




AAC mesh glue is ready for use after adding 1 part water to approximately 3 parts adhesive powder and mixing with low speed mixer drill until the material becomes homogeneous. 

BTG AAC Mesh Glue is produced in accordance with TS EN 998-2 and has a pressure resistance of ≥10 N / mm2 (Class M10). 

* Optional “White” color aerated concrete mesh glue is produced. 

Technicial Specifications
Block Thickness (cm) 5 7,5 10 12,5 15 17,5 20 22,5 25 30
Glue Consumption kg/m² 1,05 1,12 1,48 1,84 2,20 2,56 2,92 3,28 3,64 4,36