Lintels are reinforced aerated concrete elements used to pass through door and window openings on the walls. 

Lintels designed as Carrier / Non-Carrier are produced in various sizes suitable for the project. It prevents heat bridges and condensation. It is compatible with all kinds of walls and can be easily installed in its place. 

* Please contact BTG AAC Sales Unit for different sizes. 

** According to Turkish Earthquake Building Regulations 2018 minimum overlap shrare shall not be less than 20 cm. 

Technicial Specifications G3/500 G4/600 Unit
Dry Unit Volume Weight 0,13 0,16 kg/m³
Compressive Strength 3,5 5 N/mm²
Thermal Conductivity Account Value(λh) 500 600 W/mK
Fire Class A1 (NO FIRE)
Product sizes Unit
Clear Clearance 100 120 140 160 200 240 cm
Overlay Share 20 cm
Length 140 160 180 200 240 280 cm
Height 19-20-25 cm
Thickness 9-10-15-20 cm