Horizontal Wall Panels are Reinforced Wall Elements used in the construction of exterior and interior walls of Factories, Malls, Business Centers, Industrial Structures and Residences. 

Horizontal Wall Elements can be easily mounted to the supporting structure (Reinforced Concrete or Steel) externally, internally or between columns. Since it does not require mortar application in the assembly process, it can be carried out regardless of the season and weather conditions. 

With the “Panel Account” program developed by the Middle East Technical University, reinforcement design is made according to the TS EN 12602-A1 December 2013 standard. 

Technicial Specifications G3/500 G4/600 Unit
Dry Unit Volume Weight 500 600 kg/m³
Compressive Strength 3,5 5 N/mm²
Thermal Conductivity Account Value(λh) 0,13 0,16 W/mK
Fire Class A1 (NO FIRE)
Product sizes Value Unit
Length ≤600 cm
Width ≤62,5 cm
Thickness 12,5-30 cm